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Once the pottery has dried, Brian bisque fires it to approximately 1850 degrees Fahrenheit.  The next step is maticulously applying his wood ash glaze.  As the name implies, the main ingredient for his glaze are the ashes that remain after burning wood in a fireplace.  It is a creative way to take ordinary waste and repurpose it into something beautifully artistic.                  


Nature is Brian's inspiration.  He is drawn to the outdoors. The smell of wet leaves and damp earth are revisited each time he opens a bag of clay.  Activities such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and white water rafting create enthusiasm which carries over into his artistry.  


Brian designs and creates each piece from start to finish.  Many are traditionally hand thrown, while others are intricately shaped by hand.  He creates his pottery utilizing multiple techniques, which include stretching, etching, paddling, and carving to add artistic elements which transform his vessels into unique altered forms.       

To continue living our American dream by

remaining passionate about nature and creating pottery in which it inspires.  

In 1997 Brian earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts magna cum laude from Western Michigan University.  During his final year of studies he was awarded an international scholarship to study under Japanese master potter, Rioji Koie.  The month long tour of Japan included a week at Mr. Koie's home and studio.  The trip also provided him the opportunity to visit ancient kiln sites, galleries, and art museums.

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Brian Beam

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